Build amazing online courses 

The 70–20–10 model is widely known in the world of learning and development. It claims that 70% of learning happens on the job, 20% through interactions with others and 10% through formal training. But even if most of our learning happens on the job, it doesn’t mean we should stop putting investment in classes — particularly learning online. Formal online learning provides a foundation to learn with greater awareness, flexibility and intention all the time. 

Workshops and away days can only reach so many people. For global organisations, technology can play an integral role in reaching the most possible people, to move from a class of 10 to a community of 10,000. And to move beyond dry powerpoints and worksheets no ever looks at to interactive videos and forums that people can access on their own time.

Structured online courses should support all learning 

We need to think more rigorously and imaginatively about how we design formal experiences that help employees adopt the mindsets, ideas and skills to make your strategy a reality. Curated learning experiences can be a powerful way to create deep transformational change at scale.

But it can’t start with technology, it has to start with people and what they really need. We need to build experiences that are integrated with and turbo charge on-the-job learning and mentoring — to inject moments into work life that inspire people to reflect, get feedback and grow with greater focus and impact. 

To that end, I’ve put together a simple, actionable guide based on my experience developing online courses and content to make strategy real for Wolff Olins and FutureLearn

We’re going to take a look at how to:
1. Start with a clear strategy
2. Wireframe an outcome-led content map
3. Curate content people keep coming back to
4. Design a learning experience, not just a course
5. Make a marketing strategy that excites people
6. Understand your impact on individuals and the business
7. Refine your programmes for future growth 

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