MVLP: Minimum Viable Learning Programme

“What does an MVP for learning look like?” a work friend posed a few weeks ago. A Minimum Viable Product is a product with sufficient features to meet the needs of your initial core audience. It is a technique for focusing and gathering learnings to build on your development in a smart and efficent way. How can you apply the principles of agile product development to learning for your company?

Whether you’re an organisation of 10 or 100,000 — or even just a freelancer or independent consultant, everyone needs a focused programme for learning and growing. This is especially important for organisations on the verge of fast and major scale.

But where does one begin? What does a Minimum Viable Product for Learning look like?

The natural starting place would be classes, but it should start with people — and what their specific needs are. I see this focused on three major areas based on the employee development journey: understand and focus, reflect and nurture; and share and collaborate. The framework I’ve developed below is a guide for curating your organisation’s learning and development programme, but should be tailored to your specific needs.

Understand and focus
to guide how employees will grow

Individualised on-boarding
Personal roadmap
Personal reflection

Feedback and nurture
to turbocharge growth

Continuous feedback
Peer mentorship programme

Share and collaborate
to build a culture of learning

Q + A forum
Weekly company share
External resource library

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