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How do you make learning fundamental to your business strategy? 

We can conduct a needs analysis to build a market-leading people and development strategy with tangible and immediate actions. We bring experience from the world's best places to work and cutting-edge thinking from Silicon Valley. 


How do you design the right experience for people to support continued learning? 

We're well versed in the platform market. We'll share our existing research and insights to find the solution that’s right for your strategy. We also can help build a bespoke experience for hosting your community, courses and content.



How do you make  online courses that change behaviour at scale?

We can super charge your in-person content with inspiring online courses and content that scale up and support continued learning. Read this post on how we use content to make change happen at scale.


insired Employees

How do you inspire every individual to deeply engage with your programmes?  

We have an interdisciplinary background that is rooted in learning, brand and marketing. We can help create a strategy to attract and deeply engage your people throughout your programmes.


Inspired by agile product development

We approach learning like product development, as a process of continuous iteration. We can help you meaningfully understand -- not just measure -- how your strategy, platform and content are helping your people make your business objectives a reality. 

Read our latest thinking on how to make online courses that make change happen 

Qlue is not a conventional consultancy. 

We live across disciplines. We think human resources, marketing and learning should be friends. 

We're for creative business leaders who want to think and make outside of the box. 

We're problem solvers, thought partners and change makers. We solve the knottiest people, culture and learning challenges. 

What's your biggest challenge? 
We'd love to help. 

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Melissa Andrada, Founder and Managing Partner
Melissa believes in people and potential. She spent the past six years as a lead strategist at Wolff Olins inspiring senior leaders at organisations like Skype, Macmillan, World Animal Protection and EE, to grow their impact socially and commercially. She co-founded and ran Kitchen, the corporate learning arm of Wolff Olins, to help clients scale their impact through technology. While at Wolff Olins, she also helped shape the FutureLearn brand vision, and co-created their first and one of their most highly rated MOOCs on the Secret Power of Brands. In her spare time, she teaches startups about how to use the power of purpose and storytelling to grow their audiences at General Assembly and Microsoft Ventures. Connect with her on LinkedinTwitter and Medium.


Stephan Thoma, Strategic Partner
Stephan Thoma is an executive leader who has been setting best practise for learning and talent development for the past 25 years. He holds a rare combination of Silicon Valley tech and learning experience through his work with Google, Cisco and 3Com, and major blue chip organisational development and talent expertise from his days at GE. While at Google he was the Global Learning and Development Director leading a team of over 150 people to scale up learning through out the business, and developing Google-to-Googler, their highly successful peer-to-peer learning system. A progressive thought leader in corporate learning, Stephan has spoken at over 25 international conferences, including Chief Learning Officer and HRD keynotes. Stephan is an engineer by origin, and still sees himself as one as he’s motivated to build systems, albeit people ones, optimised to run for the long term. Connect with him on Linkedin.

How we've impacted the world
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How to reinvent your business through people and learning


How to reach tens thousands of learners worldwide 


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How to empower young people to take control over their finances 

Highly curated collective of world class partners

We collaborate with the world’s leading practitioners across human resources, technology, learning and design. Our partners have worked for and with McKinsey, BBC, Etsy, FutureLearn, Google, KPMG, Wolff Olins, IDEO, General Assembly, Apple and the United Nations. You don't just work with us, you work with our expansive network. 

Who we are for

progressive senior leaders with big ambition

build an amazing culture that unlocks your employees best work

grow world class leaders with the best thinking from Silicon Valley

grow your client relationships while you sleep through online learning

make even more money off your most powerful thinking and intellectual property

How we work  

DEEPLY Understanding 

Solving problems starts with empathy. We’ll intimately get to know your business and people, as if we were an extension of your own team. 



uniquely innovative

We are kickstarters and intrapreneurs. We’ve innovated business through Kitchen and Google-to-Googler.  We'll make inventive learning programmes that are unique to your needs.



We believe in co-creating the answer together. From the c-suite to the front desk, we can bring everyone along the journey. 



We’re strategic practitioners who have worked across functions – from marketing to product to HR. We’re focused on learning outcomes that make your strategy real across your entire business.

Put out fires, plant a forest

We think big and holistically. But we get it, every business has fires -- small yet important and immediate problems -- that need to be put out. We'll be first in line -- whether it's get honest feedback on your existing learning programmes, design a quick workshop on your employee brand and values, or audit the best leadership courses for your people. The first hour is free and on us. 

We'd love to help you plant a magnificent fores -- co-creating a sustainable strategy and making it real, one tree, one problem at a time. We're passionate about planting seeds that are fundamental to the future of your business, and the world. 

What people have said

“Stephan’s knowledge, vision and leadership was one of the best I've experienced in L&D. He is a true global leader, who understands how to build and develop a global talent pool.”

Petri Koko, Director, Google 
"Melissa is an ambitious positive force of energy. Her deep passion for learning is really infectious. In her time at Wolff Olins she helped us move into new territory - becoming a learning organisation, for our people and for our clients. A great achievement."

Richard Houston, Global Principal, Wolff Olins

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