Qlue Community

Community-driven accelerator for your career

We're an online community that's all about helping creative leaders do what they love. 

We've created an open and safe space to get expert peer advice on hard personal challenges, receive thoughtful feedback on your most important work, and explore new ideas and projects. 

Our community members are strategists, designers, marketers and entrepreneurs who come from leading creative agencies and tech businesses, including Apple, Wolff Olins, Razorfish and JustGiving. 

What you'll get

Focus + purpose

You'll go on a guided learning journey with Qlue founder Melissa Andrada to help you live your purpose and reach your goals. 

Creative Leadership skills

You'll get instantly useful frameworks, tools and challenges to help you sharpen your personal brand and leadership skills. 

Hard-to-get introductions

You'll get introductions to mentors, influencers and organisations you want to work for or collaborate with. 

What we believe

We believe people matter more than titles. 
We know success starts by taking care of ourselves.
We're generous with our ideas, connections and opportunities.
We're honest about the stuff that's really going on. 
We want to make money, but what's more important is making a positive change to the world.