Agile learning process

We approach learning like product development, as a process of continuous iteration. We believe in co-creation with clients and users. We break it down into four major sprints: 

1. Strategy: Understand business objectives, learning needs
We'll talk to your key stakeholders, and employees, look at your business and HR strategy ,and share best practice and competitor audits to make sure the course content brief and roadmap are fit for purpose.

2. Platform: Co-build online learning platform
We're well versed in the platform market. We'll help you build the right platform experience -- whether it's optimising your existing internal IT systems (e.g. Sharepoint or Slack), co-creating a bespoke solution, or partnering with the right external LMS or VLE provider. 

3. Content: Co-create engaging discussions, challenges and experiences
The content output is contingent upon learner needs and outcomes. Depending on your strategic brief, we can create everything from inspiring TED-like videos that get people to change their behaviour to thought-provoking emails that get people to be more vulnerable to work challenges that push people to take their work to the next level. 

4. Engagement: Engage your employees, measure impact, refine the experience
Making a great course isn't enough. We'll help you create a marketing strategy to inspire your employees to sign up and stay on. We'll help you conduct user testing and measure impact to build on the content, features, and overall learning experience.


Solving problems starts with empathy. We’ll intimately get to know your business and people, as if we were an extension of your own team. 


We are kickstarters and entrapreneurs. We’ve innovated business through Kitchen and Google-to-Googler.  We'll make inventive learning programmes that are unique to your needs.


We believe in co-creating the answer together. From the c-suite to the front desk, we can bring everyone along the journey. 


We’re strategic practitioners who have worked across functions – from marketing to product to HR. We’re focused on learning outcomes that make your strategy real across your entire business.

Put out fires, plant a forest

We think big and holistically. But we get it, every business has fires -- small yet important and immediate problems -- that need to be put out. We'll be first in line -- whether it's to give honest feedback on your existing learning programmes, design a quick workshop on your employee brand or audit the best leadership courses for your people. The first hour is free and on us. 

We'd love to help you plant a magnificent forest -- co-creating a sustainable strategy and making it real, one tree, one problem at a time. We're passionate about planting seeds that are fundamental to the future of your business, and the world. 

We'd love to help.

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