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Melissa Andrada, Founder and Creative Learning Director
My background sits at the heart of people, brand and learning. I spent the past five years as a lead strategist at Wolff Olins inspiring senior leaders at organisations like Skype, Macmillan, World Animal Protection and EE, to grow their impact socially and commercially. I co-founded Kitchen (now called Curve), the corporate learning arm of Wolff Olins, to help clients scale their impact through technology. While at Wolff Olins, I also helped shape the FutureLearn brand, and co-created their first MOOCs on the Secret Power of Brands. In my spare time, I teach startups about how to use the power of purpose and storytelling to grow their audiences at General AssemblyConnect with me on LinkedinTwitter.

Stephan Thoma, Strategic Partner
Stephan Thoma is an executive leader who has been setting best practise for learning and talent development for the past 25 years. He holds a rare combination of Silicon Valley tech and learning experience through his work with Google, Cisco and 3Com, and GE. While at Google he was the Global Learning and Development Director leading a team of over 150 people to scale up learning through out the business, and developing Google-to-Googler, their highly successful peer-to-peer learning system. Stephan is an engineer by origin, and still sees himself as one as he’s motivated to build systems, albeit people ones, optimised to run for the long term. Connect with him on Linkedin.


Mårten Wetterberg, Technical Partner
Mårten Wetterberg is a software development leader who specialises in building learning platforms. He has spent the past ten years working directly with senior leaders at startups and large organisations across Europe, including the United Nations, Masterati and Harmoniq (one of Sweden's biggest retailers), to make their strategy a reality online -- whether it's an e-commerce site, learning platform or social network. Born and bred in Sweden, Mårten is a big believer in using business to do good. He is also the founder of Picopter, a do-it-yourself drone that teaches kids about maths and science. When he's not coding or tinkering, you can find him teaching people how to sail at Canary Wharf. Connect with him on Linkedin.

Inês Oliveira, Design Partner
Inês is a senior digital designer who has worked with the world's best creative agencies, including Wolff Olins, Moving Brands and DesignStudio. She creates beautiful work that connects people and solve business problems. Her past clients include TopShop, AirBnB, L'Oreal and Vattenfall. She also runs Fulltime Hobby, an event series that celebrates people who make their hobbies into their work, their work into their hobbies. Connect with her on Linkedin.

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We collaborate with the world’s leading practitioners across human resources, technology, learning and design. Our partners have worked for and with McKinsey, BBC, Etsy, FutureLearn, Google, KPMG, IDEO, General Assembly, Apple and the United Nations. You don't just work with us, you work with our expansive network. 

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